Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Illusion and reality

Illusion is the cover of things; reality is the depth of things. The body is the illusion; the soul is the reality. The flower is the illusion; the fragrance is the reality. The fragrance is the spirit of the flower; it persists.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Ways to Distinguish Intuition from Lower Levels of Information

This piece I got in the mail, it answers the post before it about impulses from God

Ways to Distinguish Intuition from Lower Levels of Information

"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are." -- e. e. cummings
The more aware we become, the more intuition develops for us. The more we can access
our intuition, the faster we grow and change. The key is to understand the language of
intuition. How can you tell if the 'inner voice' is God's,other beings, other people's
projections or your own judgmental thoughts? The tips below will help you discriminate
and discern the TRUTH.Read the list over often and get a strong sense of how to discern higher guidance. Expand your inventory of how you sense the higher or lower information that comes into your physical and non-physical senses.

• demand obedience or surrender ----- suggest, advise -you make your own
• conflict with one's personal ethics ----- no conflict with personal ethics
• create fear, negativity ----- create love, inspiration, empowerment
• are generalities, long winded ----- are relevant, short,intelligent, unique
• are conditional ----- are unconditional, appropriate and natural to you
• appeal to curiosity, ego ----- appeal to goodwill, beauty, unity
• from confusing, competing voices ----- from still, single knowing voice
• affirm ultimate authority for itself ----- counsel surrender to higher power
• require no personal effort ----- need personal effort
• guidance from subconscious ----- guidance from the Soul
• emotional desires, glamour ----- higher spiritual guidance
• benefit the receiver ----- benefit the good of the whole
• fixed interpretations ----- many levels of interpretation
• create dependencies ----- create interdependence
• promote separation ----- reflect oneness, wholeness, unity
• are self conscious ----- are other conscious
• affirm mediocrity ----- promote making a difference
• reflect a part of the whole ----- reflect the whole
• are emotional, mental ----- are intuitive
• focus on things ----- focus on essence and values
• result in loss of self ----- result in self discovery
• focus on desires, wants ----- focus on soul needs
• address individual ----- address community
• deal with form ----- deal with symbols, truths
• concerned with self will ----- reflect divine will
• create victims ----- require accountability
• are sporadic ----- are disciplined
• create stress ----- create peace of mind
• are personal ----- are impersonal
• are restrictive ----- are expansive
• are particular ----- are universal
• are controlling ----- are allowing
• focus on self ----- focus on others or Soul
• focus on destination ----- focus on process
• are exclusive ----- are inclusive
• are judging ----- are accepting
• are scattered ----- are focused
• are limited ----- are unlimited
• focus on material ----- focus on spiritual
• are reactive ----- are proactive
• are concrete ----- are abstract
• focus on past, future ----- focus on now
• deal with personality ----- concern Soul
• produce inertia ----- generate growth
• stuff in ----- draw out
• focus on quantity ----- focus on quality
• are selfish ----- are altruistic
• are superficial ----- are deep
• create resistance ----- create flow
• focus on lack ----- focus on abundance
• are static ----- are dynamic
• focus on me ----- focus on humanity
• create illusion ----- reveal truth
• focus on work ----- focus on service
• focus on mine ----- focus on God's
• use force ----- use power
• focus on effect ----- focus on cause
• take ----- give
• produce fear ----- experience love
• emphasize doing ----- emphasize being
"Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors
-- Joseph Campbell

Impulses from God

A comment from segovius
Is it not a problem that every impulse is from God?

I have many impulses that it would quite surprise me if that were the case. It's a conundrum that is not so easily solved it seems to me

.My reply is that we would have to distinguish impulses from our reactive survival self and the impulses coming from the heart.

The survival self thinks in a heauristic fashion and thinks that it is rational but it usually not the case because this thinking is pretty much reactive and takes some shortcuts .

The languange of the heart or as the sufis say Kalam Al Batin is a much more subtle thinking that fuffills a higher purpose . It takes practice to distinguish between the two and it also takes practice to actually hear the voice calling from within.

A prayer of Hazrat Inayat Khan is:

Open my heart that I may hear thy voice calling to me from within.

Unless this channel is opened we hear but our hearing is distorted hence the distortion is then manifest in our distorted wants and needs .

A Longing for the Beloved for example may manifest as a seeking for the one true love, and this may come out as changing partners ever so often because the love one has found does not fit the ideal in one's mind...and this behaviour may one day cease when one realizes the Beloved is non other than God...then one is able to love the human beloved who is less than perfect.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Helwa and Naruto

These are 2 Shirazi kittens.
I ll post a picture of them when I can
Naruto disappeared yesterday evening. He wandered out of the house and when we noticed him missing , went to look for him, not a meow did we hear.
So we spent the night in prayer, Acik, Maryam Dayat and me.
My zikr was Lailahaillah Haq..and the prayer was that Naruto be safe and be returned ...
Next morning as I was doing my ablutions I heard a meow from the bathroom window. I heard it once and did not believe my ears and then I heard it again.
I rushed out , and Abang came in at the gate and said, there is Naruto in the scrubland beside the house..and he went to get Naruto.
Naruto is not himself today , he did not want to eat, his heart was pounding ..he seemed a bit dazed...
What happened to him?
We can only guess...

Seeking God

There are three ways of seeking God in the human heart. The first way is to care for every person with whom we come in contact, in our thought, speech, and action. Human personality is very delicate. The more living the heart the more sensitive it is; that which causes sensitivity is the love element in the heart, and love is God. The person whose heart is not sensitive is without feeling; his heart is not living, but dead. In that case the divine spirit is buried in his heart.

The next way of practicing this religion is to think of the feeling of the person who is not at the moment before us. One feels for a person who is present, but one often neglects to feel for someone who is out of sight. One speaks well of someone to his face, but if one speaks well of someone when he is absent, that is greater. One sympathizes with the trouble of someone who is before one at the moment, but it is greater to sympathize with one who is far away.

The third way of realizing the Sufi principle is to realize every impulse that rises in one's heart as a direction from God. Realizing that love is a divine spark in one's heart, one blows that spark until a flame may rise to illuminate the path of one's life.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Life Purpose?

Everything starts with yourself -- with you making up your mind
about what you're going to do with your life." -- Tony Dorsett

Friday, August 26, 2005


Allah al Makhluk fi'l itikadat

Through your prayers,
God creates Himself through you.

Friend of God

The sign of the friend of God is that he has three qualities: a generosity like that of the ocean, a compassion like that of the sun, and a humility like that of the earth.

-Bayazid in 'Attar, "Tadhkirat"