Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tie a yellow ribbon


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I see you see me

I almost did not open the email not recognising the sender and thinking it could be spam but the title seemed familiar. At first I was not sure if I wrote it since I did not save what I had written on an email and , I did lose a lot of what I composed via crashed discs etc....

K wrote to me on email:

Some time ago you posted the below poem in your email in a discussion. Do you know who wrote it? It has meant so much to me.

A Healer

I see you see me and I see me in you
I hear you hear me and I hear me
I see you and I see the Divine
I glow and I bask in the Light of Awareness
I feel the Love of your compassionate heart
The comfort of the safe haven you created
The Presence

my reply

I wrote it. I was describing what happens when a person is present to us. When we sit with someone who listens deeply and mirrors all that is beautiful within us and we see that beauty in us and become healed . Also the person is healing because he/she is centered in the heart , the seat of love and compassion and the feeling of this is comfort and love, like when we are in the arms of a loving mother but even more so. The source for this light is the God and the depth of the person is reflecting to us their connection with the Divine and being with this person makes us deeply aware of God.

I write such prose without much thought since it flows out and I do not even keep a copy of what I write sometimes , and that is why I was not sure at first but upon reflection and knowing how I see what it means to be a healing presence and the style seems to be mine.

If you had seen Dr House , the latest ( download via Torrents) about a man who lost his memory and therefore had almost no opinion and no bias , he became a perfect mirror for whoever was with him and the person with him was able to see themselves in this patient ( Elliot). So the essential ingredient of being this perfect mirror, this healer and this coach that creates self awareness is stillness of the heart, and no judgement .

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

All mums and all mummy's children would appreiciate this!

The Prophet's sayings

"Meditation in God is my capital.

Contemplation of God is my

Reason is the root of my religion.

Love is the foundation of my existence.

Truth is my salvation.

Submission to the Divine Will is my pride.

Knowledge is my garb and virtue.

Worship is my habit. Grief is my friend.

Enthusiasm is the vehicle of my life.

And my utmost happiness lies in prayer."

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)