Friday, May 09, 2008

Nose stud

The 20 year old sweet young thing came in with her Dragon Mum . Shel came in to have her nose stud removed. She could not do it alone.I think it was her mum who convinced her to remove the nose stud, entertaining her with nightmare tales of an infected nose stud hole.

The nose stud was very small from the outside and from the inside there was this long tiny rod which was screwed on by a tiny screw.

I wonder if it tickles or pokes into the flesh if she slept on her face..or maybe she never sleeps on her face or maybe she cannot bury her head into the pillow to have a good cry because it would make the pointy inside end dig into the flesh in the nose? I am sure she does not have an itchy nose after taking belacan though , because if she did it would be sheer torture not to be able to rub the nose!

My clinic assistant handled the case, and inadvertently screwed it on even tighter!
I muttered something about a pair of pliers to cut off the stud..
The patient was wailing , aaaaah you screwed it even tighter , she got up fuming ...
My clinic assistant talked to her in soothing dulcet tones..a good thing for I had something more sarcastic on the tip of my tongue.
So she sat down again and my clinic assistant unscrewed it the other way this time and finally the nose stud was off....


I did not know that her loud wails and shouts had been heard by my other patients until a patient asked about it later.......


Monday, May 05, 2008

Healing awareness

I have not written a title on this post !
I do not know what to call it yet because I do not know what is going to come out from these typing fingers .
I have been keeping pretty silent about my thoughts for a pretty long time and have not written much about what I have been up to .
Today was a full day. It is now nearly 10.30 pm and I just got back from my clinic .
I asked C , my clinic girl whether she noticed a difference in me. I have been asking this question of various people lately because I had been noticing a change in how I felt which would be reflected in how I acted. This is exactly what Dr Leonard Yong had said in his book Emotional Excellence in the Workplace.

How had this change been brought about?
I think it had a lot to do with how I felt about myself and how I felt in relation to people.
I see it as coming into alignment with my REAL self .

It had been a long time since I had the luxury of going for a full body massage and today , in between my clinic hours , I managed to get such a massage. My regular massage therapist asked me, " Who has been massaging you?"
I said " No one but you! Why do you ask?"
She said " Your body feels soft , with no tensions and not flabby soft either , it has tone and yet it is soft ."
Then she went on to say , " Last week I was in Kuala Lumpur and massaged a lady who was known for her spirituality and her diligence with her prayers . Her body felt the same as yours now ."
I knew she was comparing my body with what she usually found when she had not worked on my body for a long time. It would have knots of contracted tissue and would be sore in many places but not today , inspite of leading a totally hectic life for the past month!

I told her that the reason my body was not contracted and knotted and tense was because I had found alignment in the last one month . I had found what I really wanted to do , I had found my passion and my mission .

I had also found a homeopathic remedy that worked on a level of my psyche that was really deep .
I had related earlier about the pain I had felt in my heart and how it had gotten almost resolved during Maggie's workshop. That however was only part of what goes on within me .
After the heart pain got resolved, I began to notice my colon and intestines. They were in pain and in spasm and sometimes it was really bad . The only reason I did not take any painkillers was because I did not react to the pain and did not feel emotionally overwrought by the pain.
That is what awareness does , that and breathing my zikr all the time . I knew that this is the oldest illness that I had in my body. It had been there since I was 5 months old and had felt abandoned by my mum . There was something else to it than this and a few days ago while talking to my mum I understood what it was. My mum related to me the emotional turmoil she had been through while pregnant with me . While I listened to her I felt my body resonate with the emotions she was beginning to recall. I started to understand why I always tried too hard to impress and prove myself when just being who I am is more that enough most of the time and ...what did it matter anyway what kind of opinion people had of me as long as I was happy with myself ?

When I got back from KL , I instinctively knew what remedy I had to take. I took out my Clarkes, the book edition rather than the software one because I wanted to ponder over the remedy that had come unbidden to my mind. I would never have thought of this remedy except that I was able to accept at that point that I would allow myself to be guided by my instincts ,
Much of the pain I was experiencing was exactly what I read in Clarke's. As soon as I could , I took the remedy. The reaction was immediate. I could feel my body softening and relaxing and at night I could also feel where the remedy had lead my body to start to heal. My sinuses. ,my lungs, my stomach . colon and rectum all felt like they were being worked upon . The back of my throat felt raw , like I was about to catch a cold . This was in the middle of the night and when I woke up the next morning, my sinuses were clear, so too my lungs and my abdomen felt very much better.I repeated the dose more often than I usually would because it had felt as if the energy of the illness was very strong and it was consuming the remedy very fast .

And that brings me to this moment , at the end of a very long day, I still have a lot of energy and clarity of mind with a coolness and a sense of joyousness in my heart that makes me want to share this moment with someone dear ..yet I find myself in solitude in my bedroom with no one to share this moment except my blog!

I now remember that I have some work to do before I start my day tomorrow for I have an appointment tomorrow with the Vice Rector of KUIS .
And what is that about? Wouldn't you like to know!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

What does it take to be a good GP ?

This morning was very busy for me at my clinic. I had been away for a month except for weekends in the past month .

I think perhaps I should go away more often because it makes me relish the busy- ness.
If I were in a government clinic and earned my pay no matter how many patients I did or did not see, perhaps I would be less than happy to be having such a hectic time.

Anyway I am writing this because I needed to tell someone about a lady I saw.
She was about 5 months pregnant and she said she was having a liquid discharge , she had seen a OBGYN who said she was leaking her liquor and she put her on antibiotics AND DID NOT DO a Vaginal Examination.
I did a scan and saw almost no liquor. I looked for the foetal heart . It was beating regularly and strongly! I wanted to do a VE but the lady seemed scared and I had almost put away the VE set when the husband said there was a bluish stringy something that came out from the vagina. I did not see it. I put my hand in and felt it. So I did a speculum examination and found to my horror it was the umbilical cord of the baby. Two bluish cords that looked like the curtain ropes you could buy from the drapers.

I called up a OBGYN friend who asked me to send for an ambulance and ask for a Obstetric Flying Squad from Hospital Melaka.

I did phone , only to get a bored sounding nurse who was not too enthusiastic with my request and asked me to phone the A&E department .

I then tried to phone the Masjid Tanah health center and then the Alor Gajah Hospital and for some reason , no one answered the phone. So my staff called 999 and asked for an ambulance .

That worked!

An hour later a nurse came and half an hour after that the ambulance came . End of Drama in my clinic but not the end of the hectic time with patients.

A young man whom I had been treating for allergic rhinitis and asthma using Homeopathy had now brought his brother. He came all the way from Johor so I had not insisted he come back later because I do not like to mix seeing my CAM cases along with my regular cases. He had wanted his 13 year old brother to get homeopathic treatment for a condition that was there for a long time, perhaps since birth . He had to strain at urine.
I am glad I did not have the GP fatigue of taking for granted it had to be treated with medication.
I examined and found a pinhole meatus with hypospadius.

My question to myself and to you..How come he had not been seen earlier and the problem resolved via surgery ?

I put to you that what it takes to be able to help patients is an attitude :

Examine examine examine ......................

When in doubt over what to do , ask ........................or google .................................

No matter how fatigued and dulled your senses are because of work overload or....
sheer boredom over routine

This advise I give to myself .........for I must have been guilty of having missed cases like these two in the past .......

Hana and Aimi take note of what your Mum wrote and I am sure you two third generation future doctors in the family will remain conscientious no matter how big your workload and how hectic your day.....

ps click on the links to learn more ..the text in mauve