Wednesday, July 16, 2008

, “My conscientious self, consider your responsibility sacred.”

It is with a very heavy heart that I write today. I am writing about my country and what is happening to it.
When I opened the Malaysiakini website today , I found a stripped down version and the first news I read made my heart sink down to my feet as I had a deja vu feeling of a similar incident that happened in 1998 .Policemen in balaclava masks came to arrest a man who was seen as a threat to the then leadership. The current leadership seems to fear the same man and I think for a very good reason. This man has courage, wit , charisma and a will to right wrongs and work for the greatest good of the Rakyat.
This versus a government that has become bogged down with building personal gains and saving cronies' skins.
Anwar may have his faults , he has flaws like any other man, some small , some slightly bigger, I admit that . Then again so have all of us, we are not perfect .
What sets him apart is his courage in the face of danger, his firmness in his actions for the sake of justice and honor .
One can tell the manners and ethics of a person by how he conducts himself .
In last night's debate on the topic of oil prices against Shabery Cheek , Anwar did not even once react to taunts and slurs by his opponent in the debate.When asked why he wanted to take over the government he replied very gently,with a tinge of sadness that it would be good for the rakyat if the current government could consider his suggestions and do what it takes to bring down the oil prices before the people sink even deeper in a financial quagmire and the country plunges ever more into a disastrous downward spiral .

Did the government listen? Maybe they did understand the words but the blackness that surrounds them made them unable to respond , only to react with a wounding action that has torn open old wounds in the Rakyat's hearts , by arresting the very man who could probably turn this country around !