Thursday, April 01, 2010

The New Horizons of Homeopathic Education in Malaysia

A  public talk on Homeopathy outlining the basic tenets and the progress of this Medical modality which is now 200 years old. There is close cooperation between the University, the Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council and the Ministry of Health which has common goals of providing practitioners and the public with cutting edge levels of Homeopathic education and practice.The policies of the Ministry of Health on Traditional and Complementary Medicine as well as the role of the Homeopathic Medical Council of Malaysia in regulating Homeopathic practitioners will be explained.
This talk is jointly organised by Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science and the Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council.
Who should attend?
  • The general public who are interested in complementary and alternative forms of treatment.
  • School leavers and students who are interested in getting a comprehensive basic medical science education and a good grounding in homeopathy with the intention of being a health professional in this field.
  • Health Science and Medical Students and Health professionals who want to get a better perspective of what Homeopathy is and is not.
Venue: 4th Floor Hotel City Villa, Kuala Lumpur ( see attached map)
Date and Time: 2-4.30 pm April 11 2010
  1. The Director of Traditional and Complementary Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia
  2. Dr Suriyakhatun Osman, Homeopathy Department, Faculty of T&CM, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science
  3. Dr (H) Zainul Azmi Ahmad, Chairman Education Committee, Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council