Thursday, April 19, 2007

I think I am in a non communicative mood these few days, which is good, since it has let me catch up on reading as well as editing some of my old work...
But it also means my blog has been neglected and I am writing this entry because I was tired of seeing my blog entry remain static!

Which reminds me ..I have some unfinished do I introduce the subject of coaching, in the specific context of an usrah group to about 300 people in one hour? It has to attract people's attention, I have to make it interesting enough to hold them and before it I have to do something to make sure the people do stay because it is likely that my session, at the end of a very long day will not be fully attended...

Any ideas..?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My writing sample

Lily from my garden

What is going on with blogger?
I cannot get to the comments page to reply all your lovely comments regarding my grandchild.
Today for the first time she saw both her aunties together , She usually only manages to see them one at a time since they were off studying and the last time they were there together she was too small to recognise them.
So today, Hana is back from Manipal India for a few weeks already and Aimi just took a few days off from USU because she had sick leave . Ain looked from one to the other and looked totally confused. Ain does not take to strangers very much but seems to remember her aunties even if she had not seen them for months, So now we know she thought she had only one auntie!

Anayways Susan thanks for saying I am a talented writer, I am not too sure about that but since you gave me airs, here is my hand at writing.

I registered for this free class and was given three words and five minutes to write a paragraph and here is the result

Those words in red were the ones I had to use in one paragraph and I had to use one of the words as the beginning of the sentence. Hey maybe we can start another meme here , why don t you try your hand at this exercise?

Fire the cook! That is an order , the lady of the house said after she was unable to eat the breakfast yet again .Tasteless food is one of the worse evils of life was her opinion. She did not have much enjoyment in her life and the peak events of her day was mealtimes so it made sense for her that she should have the best cook who served delicious meals all the time. The clock on the wall pointed to 10 am. Again she was late for work. It had been more and more difficult to get up in the morning lately , perhaps it was age catching up with her . She would be very happy to laze around in bed till afternoon but could not do so because she needed to get to work. Work was the only certainty in her dull life. Perhaps if she stopped working she would die from boredom or perhaps the time on her hands would remind her of all the horrors that she had been through in her life. It was not something she could face easily and the memories that haunted her were too painful ....
Well what do you think? An honest opinion now! Will I make it as the next best selling author, another Grisham or something....

If you want the free lessons you can go HERE and sign up ....

I am not getting anything from giving you the referral and I have not bought any instruction manual...I have ordered too many tapes and cds from the internet without ever finishing ONE even...aaaaargh!!!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

For my Muslim friends and non Muslim manufacturers!

For those who have been avoiding cheeses, favourite biscuits and other yummy foods as well as creams and dressings because they thought they were haram

The Fiqh principle of Istahala