Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Self Esteem

Studies show that at least 85% or more of the world's people suffer from some degree of lacking self-esteem. Although one might think that such challenges are only characteristic of the poor, uneducated, or lower socio-economic members of society, people from all walks of life can suffer situational or more widespread challenges with their levels of self-esteem. Dr. Joe Rubino

A young lady I saw a few days ago could not study. She attributed it to boredom. As we talked , the impression I got was it was about self esteem and poor self image.

A gentlemanI met preferred to date girls well below his social status. As we talked I realised it was about self esteem. A great surprise to me since he was intelligent , refined and well educated.

What is this internal evaluation that we tend to skewer and why. Some answers are in Dr Joe's article which you can reach by clicking the link above and perhaps when I have the time I will expand this entry

Monday, February 04, 2008

Family shots

Ainayya and Nurul Hana
Futya Hanan and Grandma Suriya
Futya is Ainayya's little sister. At six months she can sit, crawl and climb.