Tuesday, June 24, 2008

day out with aimi

this is me :D

this is my baby daughter, aimi :D


PS quite obviously my baby daughter was the one who updated my blog!

I went to CUCMS , for an interview , a job interview , except it did not have any tension to it ! Why? Because

1 It was a formality
2 I am an old hand
3 It matters to me at the same time I leave it to God
4.This job is not about making more money but about making a difference
5. I had worked out my conflicts earlier by prayers and meditation:
What are my conflicts : Leaving a comfortable, familiar environment for a more challenging and possibly less rewarding job monetarily....
Wondering whether this old body can take the challenge of a faster pace of life , more hectic , as if my life is not hectic enough already

Last week:

On top of working from Monday to Friday from 9-2 and sometimes doing evenings from 5.30 to 9.30....

Weekend: Motivation for inmates Penjara Kajang. Read Aimi's version of the trip here
Friday :RSS studio Old Klang Road Shooting for 3 episodes of second season Cahaya Permata 1 st season due on RTM 1 in August.
Saturday: Meeting and elected Chief Editor Suara MPHM , Malaysian Homeopathic Journal
Tuesday ( today ) Cyberjaya interview CUCMS
Wednesday : Tomorrow to Sydney for Healing Workshop and Spiritual retreat

Can it get more hectic?

Yes .......

Anybody want to be my driver ?

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