Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ramadhan Reflections

"Allah is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the Most Compassionate. No one has the authority to speak without the divine permission" Quran 78:37

Su's comment
Even as we are now , we could not have the power to communicate in words or speech or in any way , had it not been that God wills it so. Knowing that this speech is a blessing , a divine permission to do so surely makes us measure our words carefully and say only that which is of value . To waste the blessing of speech on that which is false is not to respect and honor the Divine . We are all of us at the court of our Lord God and should therefore behave appropriately.

Friday, August 28, 2009

About garbage and waste products

I have not blogged in a long time . Not since kind of switched off certain parts of me in response to some really trying times as far as emotions are concerned.

Perhaps it is menopause kicking in or perhaps it is the drastic changes in the day to day activities that has caused this partial shut down.

Anyway, this is an attempt to restart my blogging engine.

Lately I have been chided by a number of people for saying or doing things which were less than ladylike or perhaps less than Muslim.

1. I posted a picture on my facebook that had a cute little pig on it..And I was told this is Ramadhan and pigs are ... Oh dear...I did not eat the pig , did not touch the pig and it is one of God's creatures . But I was wrong, because I hurt the sentiments of fellow Muslims. The picture was from a Facebook game, Farmville .

2. I said some politician was a pain in the ........ ! And so this very Islamic man says , Astaghfirlah this is Ramadhan ! Oh sorry ! It came out without warning maybe because my ......... was hurting!

There you go! So now I have created a bad impression of myself as a pig loving swearing unladylike and unislamic woman.

There goes my reputation, firmly and surely down the drain .
Do I really need to be acknowledged in any way?
Probably yes and my reputation is somewhat important but there you go! No way to retrieve it now . I am forever in some people's bad books. Tut tut tut!

Okay I have stopped my ranting !

Here are some Ramadhan reflections from some phrases in the Quran by this unladylike irreverent so called Muslim. I am grateful that in God's perspective , all I have to do is hang my head low and return ..Astaghfirlah hal Azhim Allathi lailahaillah huwal hayyul khayyum wa atubu ilaih.

Allah watches attentively over you

Su's comment Yes Allah watches over us and let us get into accidents and get hurt , even die. Sometimes things happen because it is what is best for us. Sometimes things happen because we thought we were not being watched and we forgot Allah is in charge and remains in charge even when he gave free will .One question that I ask myself in each situation is: What do I need to see in this ? How do I need to change? What needs to be realised and overcome? Not poor me...why did this have to happen? No way, Allah loves me and you and everyone and when we understand this love we get showered with it and will feel supported all the time.

And remember your Rabb when you forget

Su's comment It is when we say Taubah ! God loves us when we sin and then we return because the repentence draws us even a recalcitrant child who finally yields and climbs onto his parent lap and feels the comfort and love of being enfolded in the parent's arms.



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