Monday, December 03, 2012

Living ourselves to death

Yes I know this is a computer game, one of the things that serves as distractions from the real journey 

What a notion. We are living ourselves to death . Whether we like it or not, whether it sends chills down our spine or not , death is at the end of the journey we are travelling on. For those of us who have a belief, a faith that death is the beginning of another journey and this life is a preparation for this other journey our fear becomes a focused one. We fear that we will not be able to prepare enough for this coming journey .

Islam defines my faith but I probably cannot be categorised.  Am I a fundementalist Muslim, a liberal Muslim, a universalist  or an ignorant Muslim? Perhaps in any one moment, I am one of those definitions. Sometimes I act like an ignorant Muslim when I forget to raise my children knowing the fundamental rules of being Muslim like respect for one's parents, knowing their rights and the rights of their guardians. At other times, it seems to my very strict fundamentalist Muslim colleagues that I mingle with, I seem rather liberal because I do not dress like they do. In my worship practices and the hijab I wear, I am fundamentalist  and sometimes it seems to those who view Islam through a narrow spectrum of what is right and see it as them versus us, I seem to be universalist as when I respect and acknowledge people of other religions. For my own self, what defines my faith is the depth of my belief that I have to live the life that God intended for me and for which God gave me the potential to do and I have to do it within the bounds of a set of rules and regulations that I choose to adopt and adhere to. Sometimes I get distracted by the glitter of life and forget for a while and at that point there is no congruence and alignment with my beliefs. I then need to realign myself and I am now realigning as I write this.

So coming back to us and by us I mean those who have a firm conviction there is life after death and who have a Supreme Being to answer to. What shall we do this day to fulfill our life purpose? To live the life intended for us? What needs to happen for us to be able to say to the Supreme Being that we have done that  for which we have been given the gifts talents and skills.  What needs to happen for us to have thoroughly prepared ourselves for the life to come? For the truth of the matter is every single minute we waste is a minute we will never recover ever again and it is a single minute that we have neglected to do that which we were intended to do in the limited time the Supreme Being gave to us. So please let us not fritter our lives away and cry when it is just too late to do that which the Supreme Being intended for us to do.