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Koh Samui

EFT Certification course

I learned EFT a few years ago from Dr Tam Lewellyn . It turns out he was Karl's teacher.
Anyway here are some pics from Koh Samui. We had the course at Santiburi Resort..a 5 star hotel which was just too amazingly beautiful.
Lunch was on the beach...The guy just beside me is Karl Dawson and the others are participants.

Communication from the Domain of the Heart.-June Sufi Healing Class

Communication from the Domain of the Heart

Dr Suriyakhatun Osman

Part One

“*Since the nature of life is action and reaction, every outer experience has a reaction within, and every inner experience has its reaction in the outer life.”*

Aphorims of HIK

The lady who walked into the room in the afternoon looked familiar. In my usual dreamy style , I had forgotten when I 'd seen her last and when I looked at the notes I mistook the date and thought she was coming in for her yearly check when in actual fact she had just been to see me the previous month for inserting an IUD, a contraceptive device. When I asked her how she was and asked if she was coming for her yearly check up , she snapped at me and told me in no uncertain terms that she was the patient who waited a whole hour in the treatment room because I had forgotten about her only a month ago and today she also waited a long time before I finally called her. She then went into a tirade about some other things and she was in a blaming mood, practically blaming everything she could think of on me. Old experienced doctors like me who have been in practice more than 20 years are well respected and I almost never get a patient who found me fare game for such an outburst so this young lady's tantrum shook me up somewhat. I knew I was responsible because with a hundred and one things on my mind, I did do some multitasking and was late calling her in. Half finished on my computer screen was a slide presentation I was preparing about communication and perhaps with the work fresh in my mind I focused on trying to talk to her as honestly and as close to 'Haq' as I possibly could.

I began in a low and calm voice to tell how how sorry I was for all my shortcomings. I told her honestly I could see she was very angry with me and asked her how I could make it up to her. While I was saying this , I focused on my breathing and was speaking to her from the domain of the heart. There was no echoing anger in me, only a great need to mend the situation.

The change in the energy was palpable. Not only did she stop being angry, she started opening up to me, telling me her worries and concerns over her health.

In a spirit of love and intimacy , I finished the examination and her greeting as she left the room was warm and heartfelt .As she left she apologized to me for her outburst. My receptionist told me she was smiling as she left my clinic.

This anecdote that I relate introduces our class for this month, Communication from the Domain of the Heart. How often we find ourselves in situations when we react instead of respond. How often that results in difficult situations and 'dances' that are repeated time and again until we learn not to react but to respond. ? How does one learn to respond rather than to react?

"Murshid, when I come to you I come with a thousand complaints to make.

Why is it that the power of your presence disarms me?"

Murshid: "Because I have disarmed myself."

Anecdotes of Hazrat Inayat Khan Seite 1

Do relate your experiences with such communications , insha allah it will enrich our class for this month

response to a response

Thank you for the responses.
Some patients have a compulsive need to trigger such reactions to reinforce
their rejection pattern.
It is the energy of the other person that we feel . I once caught myself becoming very angry only to realise that it was the key to the remedy the patient needed. The patient was a baby with cereberal palsy who almost never stopped crying . He was already 6 months old when the parents brought him to see me.Soon after he and his parents walked into my room I started becoming angry. He was screaming at the top of his voice and the parents told me this was his usual manner except when he is feeding or sleeping.I took the baby from his mum and gave him to his dad , instructing him to take the baby out to the waiting room and do a zikr,Ya Salam all the time. I then did a breathing exercise with the mum , we can try it now . After the breathing exercise, I got a history from the mum. She had become extremely angry when a doctor remarked to a nurse who was trying to teach her to suckle the baby at the breast while she was warded with the baby when they were investigating his cereberal palsy. He had remarked to the nurse that she was wasting her time because the baby was brain damaged and could not suckle. The mother became very angry but did not say anything . She did manage to breastfeed the baby after this but never stopped being angry up to the moment she was with me.A this point there was a palpable silence because the baby had miraculously stopped crying.

Here is the exercise that we did together.
Focus on your breathing. Do not try to change it but just be aware of it. Observe the in breath and the out breath . Observe how your heart-space feels.In the Quran the heart space is called the "Sadr" and there are many places where it is referred to as expanded or narrowed. How does your "sadr " feel. Is it heavy or expanded or tight or narrow?Is your breathing fast or slow, is it deep or shallow?
Following a quantum physics law, the breathing changes when we observe it. It becomes more regular and deep. We also become calmer and become aware of our emotions. We become aware of the state of our heart-space and probably the reasons why if it is not in an essential state.
The boundaries of the heart-space are the clavicles, the rib cage,the stermum , the scapula and the diaphragm below. Some people may notice that it actually expands to the throat area and the solar plexus area.

Communication from the Domain of the Heart 2

I met an amazing woman this weekend. I was on a beautiful island in Thailand called Koh Samui. Both of us were attending a workshop. This tall Dutch woman walked with a crutch and had to be sent to the lecture room with a buggy.At 54, she was a cripple almost since birth. She lived in hospitals and insititutions because she was almost paralized and had constant fits . The doctors finally diagnosed her has having a form of systemic lupus and told her when she was about 20 that she had only a few more years to live. The drugs they gave her almost paralysed her and she was wheelchair bound. She looked for alternatives and met with an acupuncturist. He said to her, please remove your clothes so that I can examine you. Hearing this she burst out crying for none of the doctors had ever asked her permission to examine her or to subject her to any kind of scrutiny .Another alternative practitioner to whom she was referred to by the acupuncturist worked with her for six years and helped her to stand and walk again.Remarkably, she later met a person who financed her education and training and she then worked as a social worker.She had lived in the US and India and was now living in Thailand. She now called herself by a name her spiritual teacher gave her , Taro.Taro taught me something about the human spirit that I could not have understood had I not met her. I cannot begin to relate what I learned from her because the language of our communication is the language of the heart.This woman had learned to pray for whatever she needed and it would simply come into her life. Although dependent with her disability , she was more independant than many other more mobile people. She was however totally surrendered to guidance from the One.

Communication from the heart is about understanding the still voice from within that guides us and brings to us what we need in our lives. It shows to us our life purpose and guides us to the means to fulfill it.
" Open our hearts that we may hear Thy Voice calling to us from within" Prayer of Hazrat Inayat Khan

In the busi- ness of the day, in all that we do and all that we are occupied with it is the communication and guidance that can turn the time management into a flow of surrendering to the moment . When we learn to communicate with the Divine and are guided from within, our time management changes from coping to directing to thriving

Have a look at the chart below and gauge where you are right now.
Use the breathing exercise from the last lesson and place the question in your heart space.
How is my communication with the Divine?
Is my life thriving?

"Whoso believeth in Allah and the Last Day is exhorted to act thus. And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him, (QS. 65:2And will provide for him from (a quarter) whence he hath no expectation. And whosoever putteth his trust in Allah, He will suffice him. Lo! Allah bringeth His command to pass. Allah hath set a measure for all things. (QS. 65:3)"

From coping

To directing

To thriving

Time management

Information management

Life management

Dependence on the clock

Wise use of the compass

Intuitive guidance

Doing things right

Doing the right things

Being your true self

Lack of self discipline

Personal willpower

Divine will

Learn to say ‘no’

Learn to say ‘yes’

Unlearn, trust intuition, be spontaneous

Managing minutes

Managing months

Surrendering to the moment



Full participation in life

No time

Free self time





Out of control

In control

Trusting, letting go

Dominance of ‘work’

Balanced living


Consciously incompetent

Consciously competent

Unconsciously competent

Reactive, habitual, instinctual

Proactive, imaginative, intellectual


A focus on doing

A focus on being and doing

A focus on being and serving

Doing what’s urgent

Doing what’s important

Doing what meets the need

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Introducing my blogging family

Except for little Ainaiyya who seems to have acquired a song dedicated to her, Ainaiyya Bahibbak, the rest of the family each have a blog...
So meet my family
Jebat , my beloved husband
Maryam my eldest daughter
Hilmi my number two
Sulaiman number three ( we call him Aiman)
Nurulhana number four ( Hana)
Aimi number five.
Hidayat my son in law...

I finally had the time to add their links to my blog template....
If you want to see latest photos go to Aimi's blog.
There is a very touching one of Kakak holding hands with Naruto our persian male cat..Naruto is very attached to Kakak and loves Naiyya but he is a wee bit merajuk maybe because he misses Hidayat who is in Egypt finishing off his studies...
Actually , what am I doing updating my blog and visiting all the blogs even though I may not make any comments when I should be doing my slides for the workshop on the 20th of this month..the one I will be doing in Botha Perak....
Sigh, it is nose back to the grindstone after this...
My body feels pretty ok after going to see Siva to have my foot reflexologied and then to Amanda for deep tissue massage...and of course Hilmi helped as well...
Siva is blind and a truly wonderful massager for foot can find him on the first floor of Wisma Cosway , I found him by chance while searching for the surau after having my coaching session with Micheal who helped me draw up a workshop proposal .

Yes I know I have not done all my rounds and have not dutifully left little notes to tell you I have been for a visit..perhaps after I come back from Koh Samui where I and Hilmi are attending a certification course ....and Aimi is coming along for the ride...we got half price ....hehehe don t ask me how...but I wonder how a wee airplane ride is like....can t remember the last time I rode on one ...but that is what I will be riding tomorrow , Berjaya Air to Koh Samui...
And of course I will indulge in a THai massage next ...