Friday, March 30, 2007

Ainayya Mardhiyah

My granddaughter 1 year 2 months

Adversity Meme

I am responding to Paul's Adversity meme which you will find here.

What is a meme? You can find the answer in an earlier post of mine Here

The link to an internet article Here

Adversity to me

Adversity is another city or another Siti
It is some place or someone or something

If it is you
I cannot change you, I can only change me
How do I change me without hurting me?
Because what I do will hurt you too
And what hurts you hurts me

Adversity is another responsibility
To make things right
But to make things right is not my right
Some of the time
So adversity is waiting and watching
To see what will change
And change it will
But change is only with time
And time stands still
With adversity

Adversity is being restricted
In movement , in action,In senses
A narrowing of the spectrum of life
Not because I am deaf and blind and lame
But because I have gone dumb and numb and stiff

Adversity is pain
Mental pain
emotional pain
physical pain
And your pain
Is also my pain

Unless I numb myself
Unless I blind myself
Unless I harden myself
Unless I shield myse;f
Unless I change myself
Unless you change yourself

Adversity is waiting
Adversity is watching
Adversity is wishing
Adversity is praying
Adversity is hoping
Adversity is signal for changing

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Awareness is the key

This is a video clip of Dr Ardavan talking about pathos, ie illness. In homeopathy chronic illnesses ( which include mental and emotional states we find ourselves stuck in patterns ) have a point of origin , the stressor or pathogen which can be a trauma, physical or emotional, a chemical, or an organism and the ones that can be transmitted genetically are the viral pathogens ,

A pathos can affect the whole family, or, the whole race or sometimes the whole nation or race....maybe we can extend the idea to groups ...

The moment the consciousness of the person is made to become aware of the pathos, which over time the consciousness overlooks and ignores, then and only then the consciousness sets in motion measures that will bring about healing from the pathos...and in homeopathy we bring about that awareness by giving the person a remedy that vibrates at the frequency of the energy state of the pathos...

AWARENESS is the key

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Light of Healing Blog

I have a report on my homeopathy seminar last weekend on my other blog

Viral States

I was the chairperson and assistant facilitator rolled into one!

Tagged by Kenakalayan!

Tag-a-Rama-Thon: 6 Weird Things

I was tagged by Kenakalayan ( kena laa layan!)
Oh dear what am I to answer about 6 wierd things that I do?

1. When I am anxious , I will blow out my breath through my mouth , and you can hear it..( I just did it come answering this tag is making me anxious ;-( !!

2. I will litter my bed with the contents of my bag and sometimes add a few books as well and when I am just too tired to move, I will push the items to one side and sleep...

3.I fold my left leg under my backside when I sit. It gives me a numb leg but I cannot help doing it because this is my comfort position

4. When I feel nostalgic for my childhood years I will want to eat the foods I used to eat.
Hot buttered rice, soya sauce, fried ikan kembong , mix it all well, make into balls and eat ..yum

5. I can taste people's emotions on my tongue ( Don t ask me to elaborate, it is wierd enough).

6. If I try on a new outfit and look in the mirror I will need to comb my hair....

Ok now I tag all my children Aimi Hana Aiman , Hilmi ,Maryam ....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Maslow's heirarchy of Needs in Online Communities

While searching for material for my coaching workshop I came across this! Perhaps this is why so many people are so attache d to their internet and its connections, they are trying to Self Actualise via the Net! You can read more about this HERE

Friday, March 09, 2007

From the Workshops

The Winning tower and the building team consisting of 'engineers, architects, and workers'.This group consisting of Malaysians and Nepalese did not seem to find the language barrier a hindrance to communication! You can read about the workshop HERE
Brunel group, Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

Here is the group photo for the EI workshop
At Daibocho , Making paper buildings, team work , creativity
Some of the participants at Daibochi
What is my personal symbol? This was what I chose as the winning personal symbol
Some of the participant's personal symbols , made from plasticine
Playing a game, guess the hidden leader